I am now convinced that any city could be improved with the careful implementation of a well designed moat. Chiang Mai has a beautiful one adapted for modern life. There is something incredibly satisfying when lodging within the surrounds of a moat. It appeals to my nature knowing that any invader who can not deal with Thailand’s delightful traffic patterns will have to cross the depths of a moat such as this.

Perhaps one of the more tangible grasping points when traveling is handling different currency. Hence it is with some conviction that I can safely say that we as subjects of the Queen have been short changed. With all due respect to her Majesty she needs some image enhancement on the back of our coins immediately. Perhaps some bunny ears, some designer sunglasses or at least a flowery hat. Thailand’s King adorns the coins here and there is something incredibly satisfying holding a perfect profile like this, he is positively pimping.

I continue to smile at every corner. Imagine coming across a welcoming sign like this after falling in love with a moat.

Yes I could weather a siege in here. Did I mention the 14 hour happy hour signs as well?

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