I have come to the conclusion that sitting in one place is not very conducive to the ramshackle vagabond writing that I am accustomed to producing.

God knows, God knows I want to break free

Instead of tall tales circumnavigating sea serpents and discovering lost treasure I am left syphoning reconstituted shit from our Yacht broker. Let us commence.

This is our third week in Viareggio. Let me explain our circumstances in a bit of detail.

The current owner desperately wants to sell the Yacht and not spend any money.
The management company desperately wants to not spend any money.
The boat manufacturers desperately want us to go away but are left honouring the warranty. Oh and they desperately don’t want to spend any money.
The Yacht broker who has been on board for a month desperately wants to sell the boat and might not have a home to return to if he can’t sell the boat.
The potential buyers are incredibly cagey and will not commit to spending any money.

What a hot sexy melange of wants and will nots.

Anyway the marina and ship yard have been busy moving our boat every other day with sea trials and working on it. Over the weekend we undertook a major oil change of all of the stabiliser hydraulics. We were told on Saturday that we would have to move again on Monday morning.

The Yacht broker had a brain wave! He would blackmail the port by saying we were not moving until other important warranty work had been completed. In his favour we could not actually move the boat under our own volition as we had no engines.

Blackmailing Italians is not smart. On Monday morning we had a very angry ship yard manager turn up with two tug boats to move our Yacht for us. The Yacht broker managed to conveniently disappear.

Anyway maybe I am being to hard on the Yacht broker. He has gone to some principality of Switzerland to put the finishing touches on the deal. Hopefully he will not come back with out a signature.

Post deal. We have two weeks to get everything in order and then we will cruise down towards Greece. Here is a map I prepared earlier.

Crossing my fingers!

PS Suzanne come back! (Chief Stew who left on the weekend for a more certain unknown)

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