For the second time in less than a month I found myself seething at the helm of a misguided conversation. The first slight on my dignitas was at a dock BBQ. We had an interesting group of people peppered with a few nationalities.

An Israeli Engineer raised my ire by making the blanket statement. “I have not been to New Zealand but I have heard that everyone is boring.”

Naturally I spun about in my deck chair teeth gnashing. Wave after wave of barbed rhetoric left my lips. How dare someone call New Zealanders boring? After I had reached a pause to ready some more choice contempt the Engineer made a slight back pedal.

“Oh I meant bored”

“I have had friends visit and they said everyone was so nice it was as if they are bored and not much happens there”

I seethed, face contorted and eyes blazing. Drastic remedial action was taken and I retired to my boat to let my blood simmer. Israel has enough international incidents on its plate with out me verbally assaulting a national.

Fast forward to Monday night. I was having dinner with our new engineer a Romanian. He is nice enough but lacks the decorum to hold a conversation of any interest. Luckily the dinner was fabulous eating until.

“Not many people in New Zealand is there? Is that why you all travel so much? Must be boring”

Luckily I had had the Israeli incident recently. I was prepared. I filed the conversation so I could write this entry. I do have a few theories on why this boring/bored myth is perpetuated.

New Zealand is a big secret. If everybody knew about our flying cars, money trees and unspoilt beaches it would be just like every other tourist destination with flying cars and money trees.

People are ignorant.

New Zealanders are constantly bored by second class conversations with engineers and fall asleep.

When we are really angry we appear bored.

When we are really excited we appear bored.

When I left on this adventure I was hoping to learn from the rest of the world. It now appears I will have to start teaching as I travel.

Stay tuned.

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