A lack of resources truly does encourage creativity.

Like a popular hora it appears I do my best work on my back. I have not been comfortable with a laptop that burns my legs and is much too ungainly to use in my bunk bed. On the weekend I set about repairing my EEE.
My EEE is like a faithful guitar. It has seen better days, and probably deserves retirement but it just feels right to be strumming upon my lap.
If you have noticed more cuss words and edgy tone creeping into my writing I have a theory of sorts and will be doing my best to channel this unforseen windfall.
I can proudly point my fingers at Sweden and in particular Uncle Phil.
We swear a lot on deck. This was noticed keenly on Sunday when we attempted to stop swearing for a day because we had an important visitor.
Most of our swearing is harmless. For example we can say good shit in four different languages.
Some of our swearing could be dangerous if it fell into the wrong ears.
When you are learning or belittling new languages it is easiest to start with swear words and work your way back.
Croatian has some delightful turns of phrase. Some for example explain the logistics of intercourse with small rodents of the Disney variety.
Which brings me to one of my favourite sayings.
Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.
It is largely nonsensical, but strangely satisfying. Uncle Phil is a fan of this saying so on Sunday we abreviated the saying to ‘And the horse you rode in on’ as a clever work around for our predicament.
Today I learned and promptly forgot the Swedish translation. Google informs me that it is,
Och hästen du red in på

My Swedish accent is probably worse than the horse you rode in on. My Swedish accent is so bad that the new guy who has been here for two weeks and comes from Spain can speak better Swedish than me.

‘ him and the horse he rode in on.
I do have a point to all of this.
Tune in tommorow.

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