No one errected a statue to one.
One of my favourite quotes.
Yet last night an old companion I thought to have evicted years ago payed a visit.
The self critic. This morning I gave this loathsome character some thought. 
At some point accumulating grey hair and wrinkles. People started asking me for advice and I reminded myself of a good technique. If I presented my self to myself. I would probably say.
“Dan, you have just worked 3x months without a day off and have spent 2 weeks in solitary confinement. You should probably be kind to yourself.
The worst critic is the self.
ANYWAY. This very blog will change quite radically in the next few days. Please leave a comment at your own leisure when it hits you.
We have had a wee bit of a relative cold snap over night so this morning I have been rationalising my extensive wardrobe. One welcome possible change will be, being able to utilise this to its full capabilities. That said a good portion has been vacpacced for next summer. The benefits of doing such things as it reins in my al fresco tendancies that are potentiated by my son
I do have another FaaS crate in transit and will unbox this as some video content in the future. Do not know what FaaS is? Wait and see.
I did have a good idea for a tshirt slogan.
“Too young for Facebook. Too old for tiktok”
Merch idea for the xenials.

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