Lingering in Verona was a wise decision. I spied a slogan about it being the most Italian of cities. I certainly reconnected with some of the better facets of Italia.

Nurtured nature.

Centuries on show.


Speaking of which we ate exceptionally well in Italia.

Silvi unironically ate some horse. What a Woman.

We left by train at about 5:30pm. The train was late arriving and Venezia was a different place at dusk. We still have until November to visit the art festival and we can make that so.

We arrived back in Barcelona very late. I think it was 3am before sleep came. Today has been all about packing and very mixed emotions. Silvi helped me get my luggage train to the airport which has sprouted two suitcases. It was very sad to say goodbye.

Now I sit tearing up tapping away waiting for another plane. Five nights in Bangkok await with some medical tourism. I am sure there will be something to write about.

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