I flew Etihad to Bangkok. Having not flown Etihad before I was most impressed. I paid a nominal fee to blank out the seat next to me for the first leg. The service was on point. I especially enjoyed the flight attendants roaming routinely chanting instructions. Put your seat up, and the row numbers to board were some of my favourites.

I drifted in and out of consciousness having previously decided a deeper sleep for the second leg was preferable. I was soon marvelling at the galactic space station terminus that is Abu Dhabi international.

I slept a bit too heavily on the way to Bangkok. Loosing my right ear bud twice. The first time it was rescued by the French lady beside me. The second time I had to wait for everyone to get out of my aisle before I found it. Pro tip. The seat covers are attached with simple poppers, just like boats.

Stereo sound regained, my driver collected me and I checked into my stupendous accommodation for my time in Bangkok. The complex was opened last year.

View from balcony.

The toilet has an ingenious electronic bidet.

Clearly I have jumped into the future. Somehow I managed to wake up very early this morning. Also making me think I have inadvertantly time jumped.

I went to the gym.

After a delicious buffet breakfast I went for a walk.

Street loses a few marks for poor cable management

Silvi and I did a synched watch for HOTD.

There is a fierce amount of room service.

I have managed to spend some time in and beside the pool.

I am now off for the first of my appointments of the week.

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