It appears less than 100% of the internet enabled, English speaking population of this planet are reading my blog at regular intervals. I have set myself lofty goals for the future and increasing my blog adoption rate is a part of this.

Now you are reading this stuff, so are not part of the problem. You are part of my loyal army. We will change the world, one person at at time. I have given this quandary a fair amount of thought this morning in between household chores and speaking with my multitude of personal advisors.

We have mapped out a few strategies which should keep us on target during our campaign.

-Bookmark, Favourite & commit to memory this website address.
-Casually bring up in conversation the url. eg.

Person “Hey Did you see the game last night?”
You “Nah”

-Visit this blog on other peoples computers and bookmark it for them.
-Print out choice articles and leave them in prominent places.
-Always, always add the url to the what is hot lists that adorn magazines.
-Use my blog as a source for reference material when writing Scientific journals, press releases & books.
-I am not a fan of tattoos or tagging but feel free to tastefully introduce people the wonderment that is my url. Maybe a large, well placed but endearingly casual blimp?

See it is easy. We are halfway there. Yes we can!

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  1. Sakmo
    Sakmo says:

    Or… you COULD just go and comment on other (like-minded) people’s blogs to build up a community xDDD – post your ‘best posts’ on Digg; read Yaro Starak’s site to get some tips on how to make stuff people want to read, etc. etc. The possiblities are endless! xDDD.

  2. Nez
    Nez says:

    Sakmo: Though you seem to be sincere there are 3 problems with your suggestions:

    1. There are no ‘like minded’ people for that which is DaFlash, sadly he is in a category unto himself that only he will ever understand. We are merely spectators in the periphery of his thoughts.

    2. DaFlash does not need ‘tips’. He is not interested in fitting into any stereotype of what other people ‘want to read’.

    3. Are you a multi level marketer? If so, you won’t find any leads here!

    The best posts on Digg is actually not a bad idea though, DaFlash? Investigate!

    I have added your URL to my bookmarks toolbar in firefox, this means there is a 240% increase in the possibility that I will click on it regularly.

    You should make a t shirt with your URL on it and give them as birthday presents to everyone you know. I will take a 10% commission on proceeds. kthxbye


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