Sometimes its nice to blow other peoples trumpets, just ask monica.

Bad joke I know but its early and I have discovered a useful tool for anyone who has a website. This is also a clever post to data mine some information out of you. See I am hip with the nerds!

Anyway, I have been doing some research on adding a bookmark button to my blog. Some of you, it would appear have memories like mutilated swiss cheese. If you do some googling you can be swiftly innundated with HTML code and Javascript and all manner of complicated, ugly solutions.

I wanted an elegant solution that was easy, powerful and good looking. I wanted Arnold Schwarzenegger. I found addthis.

Let me take a breather from my torrent of jokes. I am literally dieing from laughter.

» Easy Bookmarking & Sharing
» Spreads Your Content
» Removes Clutter
» Fast and Reliable
» Easily Customizable
» For Websites and Blogs
» Completely Free

Sounds good. It is good. In fact if you look to your left you will see my new addthis button. If you sign up for an addthis account you will get free statistics and tracking of who is bookmarking your blog.

Perhaps a not so subtle hint!

I am interested in people who are reading my blog who might have complimentary blogs for me to read. Let me know.

Enjoy your Tuesday everybody!

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