On Saturday night I attended a my wifes sisters birthday dinner party. I was on best behavior and kept my razor sharp wit in check. After a few bottles of Beer Lao my mouth was sufficiently lubricated to make a few increasingly funny jokes.

Unfortunately the conversation lurched onto mental health for 15 minutes so I decided to lighten up the conversation and take the conversationalists somewhere else. After a sentence questioning; what happens mentally ill people who require full time care when their parents start to require care?

I proudly pumped my fist and said “they become politicians”

This was met with a few chuckles until I learned that one of the guests parents was a politician.

Not to worry I tried to save my messed opportunity and then pumped my fist again to decry “they become lawyers”

A few more giggled murmurs and I was soon to learn that the aggrieved child of a politician was in fact a practicing lawyer.


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