The humble business card is a useful tool. It adds padding to any cashless wallet. It can be folded to create hard origami creations. It can be used as a shiny but ineffectual way of getting your details to someone you admire. In a pinch they can be used to help start a fire. During the 84 stock market crash, brokers were seen adorning themselves in business cards after they had to sell everything.

During my adult working career I have always had a business card. I lie slightly in that I did not have a business card when I took a sabbatical to tend my parents farm for a year. Show me a farmer that has a business card and I will show you a twat.

Anyway in just over a week I shall be unemployed. I have no plans for immediate reemployment. But I decided I needed a business card to tout my future plans for myself. Using all the resourcefulness of a person with two hands I found a website that I could order business cards and promptly ordered 200. These are plastic coated and should not pose a fire risk.

Cool huh! Now my intelligent design(er) readers; of which there are a few, are probably saying tisk tisk at this moment. But a writer has no time to curry favor with designers. We write and things happen. So consider this paragraph as an invitational korma. Do better than I in a timely fashion and I shall be suitably impressed.

Anyway my plan is this. When I meet a suitably interesting, inspiring and intelligent person. I shall present my card. When I meet a person be smitten, breath taken or conclusively capitulated I shall present my card.

Then I got really thinking. What if I presented other peoples cards in addition to my own? What if I asked for multiple cards? This could be a virus of circulating important details the universe has never seen.

Are you not happy you read my blog?

The next time you see me give me your cards!

additional notes

My cards turning up yesterday. They look great.

I used

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