So there I was taking a 40minute break from poolside living, endless banquet food and dial a drink. It was 7am in the morning, not an altogether disagreeable time for healthy pursuits. I was feeling pretty good with myself when I spied this sign.

Obviously 4/5 recommendations are pretty self explanatory for someone who has visited a place of exercise whilst staying at a hotel. But the third warning is particularly humorous. Horseplay? horseplay conjours up quite a few unsavory gym activities in my minds eye

  • Equine themed roleplay
  • Racing, betting & over the top clothing
  • Overenthusiastic, spastic & plastic commentated proceedings
  • Stirruped, spurred and cropped nonsense

Obviously one should never overestimate the the intelligence of its patrons, even when they are attempting conscience easing healthiness.

More thought provoking writing incoming. I have been waylaid by self serving indulgence….

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