You can tell a lot about a country by its beer. At least I find myself telling myself this after a few bottles. Unfortunately Cambodia’s beer whilst majestically named fails to conjure images of temples.

I suspect if you drank enough of it you could make a convincing aluminium place of worship with the empty cans. My stomach sadly was not up to it. The good news is that Beer Lao has reentered my life and for that I am glad.

Our current home is the convivially named OK hotel. After a brief dalliance on the internet I managed to forget which room we are staying in. After knocking on a few doors and losing my nerve I headed downstairs to reacquaint myself with Beer Lao

I found Beer Lao and a couple of friendly Canadians. They are now enrolled in my Canadian & New Zealand accent campaign. Sympathetic to my lonely plight they helped me to embark on a Beer Lao tasting session of some merit until my wife could send out a self powered search party.

She arrived and I was saved. More beer Lao was drank. Cards were played. We made an acquaintance from Australia who works on super yachts. After a vigorous interrogation we are now equipped with the knowledge to seek a working berth on one. With a bit of luck we will find Captain Nemo next year.

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