Calm the farm. My trial separation is a month off facebook. A cleverly thought out hashtag #marchout will be explained in due course but the real test will be seeing if I can conjure up more words in cohesive phrases through a semi-regular torrent of splendid prose.

But first? Some pictures. Ah, there is that dichotomy I was dreaming of.

One of the more simultaneously frustrating and rewarding parts of my vocation is having to be an all-knowing oracle for anything with a CPU, buttons or a touch screen. Over Valentines, I was presented with a Camera and asked to provide deep insights in its use.

The Camera was not your average Camera. It was a range finder Leica M.

Being a greying Xenial I invoked my reality distortion field, hastily consulted Google and bluffed my way through some photos.

It was not easy. It turns out you do need to have more than a passing interest in photography to wield one properly.

I must have sold being adequately flummoxed because I was left with a Leica Hermes Model M9-P to *learn*.

I foolishly thought it was worth 10 thousand dollars. I took my best security Goon this every evening with me to do some photography.

It turns out it is worth 50 thousand dollars. Gazooks. I probably would not have left home if I had known it was worth so much.

Anyway, what follows is some photos. I hope you enjoy them.

It turns out Rangefinding Cameras become easy after some practice. Something people do not have time for anymore but they do have the money.

I actually still don’t know how to use this camera but if you made it this far. I have succeeded.

See you soon :-).

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