A short time ago I wrote myself a set of goals for whilst I was traveling. These goals were simple enough and easy to attain but given that I am not traveling anymore they seem a bit at odds with my current circumstances.

A typical day whilst traveling and being unemployed went something like this.

-Wake up
-Go for a leisurely walk
-Eat breakfast
-Write about something interesting I saw the day before
-Spend the day adventuring
-Sleep and repeat

I have been trying my best to find a way to incorporate writing into my new routine but it appears regimented order is not my cup of tea. Given the vacant stares I encounter every morning on the bus I can only guess that the bus companies of Auckland are using powerful imagination suppression routines to stupefy the patrons. The motives for this are sinister. Obviously more people would be flying to work or riding lion drawn chariots if the bus companies were not so scared of losing customers.

It could be a matter of ergonomics. Whilst traveling I did most of my writing on my back with my laptop perched upon my knees. My current computer situation is back bending work more akin to potato picking than earnest typing. Then there is a curious lack of blog access at my current work, a trifling annoyance and one I can not immediately remedy.

Strangely enough, I have had some success delving into the more commercial aspects of a modern day scribe. Whilst I am not at liberty to discuss these projects they are exciting all the same and I look forward to sharing my completed works when they are finished.

What ever the case I shall be furrowing my brow when I can and lying on my back a bit more, just not on the bus.

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