15 years ago during a Summer Solstice Psy-Trance party in Parakai. I noticed upon the dance floor a foreign body. An outcast from K-Road. Being of completely whole(some) mind and body I thought to myself I would like to make her acquaintance. The following easter in a story not fit for Facebook I got to meet Anna Sangster. We ventured off to the UK in 2004. We married on the 24th of February 2007. We sold our house and conquered South East Asia in 2008. We almost went broke finding work at sea in 2009. Had a few tough years before things came good in 2015 and in 2016 Master Dario came into our lives. This year we will move to Europe for research purposes. I would not be entirely surprised if we make it into space at some point. All we need to do is write it down. 
Thank you Anna for being the best possible partner and foil to this increasingly eccentric sabre. 

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