Congratulations on following through on what has to be my most body grabbing headline yet. Alien inspired and with good reason I was borrowed by an alien ship and crew two nights ago. I have to admit it was all natural enough. My episode was spurred on by a bout of furious gardening. Weed whackers appear to attract alien space ships. I think that the high spinning revolutions coupled with the whisking noise acts as a spaceship and alien aphrodisiac.

After a couple of hours of battling assorted weeds and foliage I was greeted by some oddly attired gentlemen who appeared to hover above the ground. “Can we have a moment of your time?” they asked politely and although usually I would give trespassers a short shift I was looking for a diversion and gladly took up the chance to ditch the weed whacker. With a loud hum and appropriate orientation manipulation I was transported to my current home.

I have had complete sensory deprivation since the involuntary allocation of my mass to this dimension. This has given me plenty of time to think and to date my proudest achievement is the successful transmogrification of absolute nothing into a compatible wireless space for my iPhone to attach to the internet so I could write this blog.

Since finding the internet I have also found the time to find the perfect refreshment for an extended period of otherworldliness. I also rustled up a glass and some granite to place Beer Lao upon. I will wait and drink things out.

I hope to update you soon with my health and apropriate personal information. I have nought much else to say except I wish you a happy New Year and remember if you keep reading this blog you will be fine.

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