A growing sense of unease has been building over the last couple of weeks. It has been getting cold. Daylight hours have been shrinking. I have bought gloves unwittingly and confess to hiding behind placards to stave off devilish winds.

This morning I arose to an uncomfortable sensation in the back of my throat. I have gone two years without a Winter bug, I do believe Winter has caught up with me. This was not part of the plan.

My arch nemesis snow has draped the perfectly good looking Apuan Alps ruining my now familiar panorama.

I blame snow and the grey skies for making the water look murky as well.

I did not sign up for this. I do not know what I signed up for or if in fact I did sign anything but it surely is not this.

I blame the change of seasons for a gradual slow down in my blog production. I blame not being near my Scorpio kith in the season of Scorpio for feeling suitably restless. I am angry and to this end.

I am going to Rome.

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