As you may have guessed internet access is a bit harder to source cheaply in this part of the world. Half an hour of internet at a cafe is about €2.50 which is a bit steep given the paralyzing affect the recession has had on the financial liquidity of my blog.

Luckily the local Laundromat has free WIFI! This encourages both domesticated behaviour and precious internet time. I literally can not wait to take things to be dried, washed etc.

Following our early morning amble this morning we decided to follow the coast around to the main port of Antibes.

It is probably best I dispense with some evidence of the amazing scenery which populates this section of the Riviera.

Shot looking back towards our home in Juan Les Pins.

The beautiful sea. Plane coming in to land just like ours did on Friday.

View towards Antibes town

When we first saw the top of this Super Yacht we thought it was a floating restaurant.

More big fellows.

Today was a day of two walks. One in the dark and one in the glorious sun.

Success and Success!

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