During quiet times on board I sometimes moonlight in the galley. Not being much of a Chef my moonlighting consists of doing what I know best, grating cheese. You might not think there is is much to grating cheese but to the semi professional grater there is a part that you probably dread when you reach the end of what you are grating and it becomes dangerous. Up until today I have either eaten the excess cheese/carrot whatever before I maimed myself or I have chopped it up and hoped the Chef did not notice…….

Today I learned a very useful skill.

-Simply take the small block of cheese/carrot/truffle what ever and place it under the heel of your hand.
-Then, massage it backwards and forwards against the grater until it disappears.
-Viola, it will disappear and you will not even add human to your dish.

In the interest of learning more than how to make Super Yachts look really clean and culinary dark arts I am going to a Satellite communications course in Palma tomorrow. I had wanted to attend a yacht systems course in Amsterdam but Amsterdam being Amsterdam I am still waiting after a year for them to organise a course that I can attend. Note to course organisers in Amsterdam, stop drinking so much coffee.

There has been an earthquake in Spain. It is also Friday the 13th. Tomorrow. Flying is considerably cheaper on Friday the 13th. I am practically throwing caution into the wind along with myself.


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