After the banquet of massage services that Thailand and Laos provide, Vietnam is decidedly spartan. Words from the wiser, the massage services that are promoted by tuk tuk drivers in Hanoi are not medicinal in the slightest.

Still we found a gem in Hoi An.

Mrs Phoc and her family do a decidly professional job of providing massages in Hoi An. A beauty parlour is at the front of her shop. With the slight draw of a curtain the three tables at the back transform into a decidedly inviting place to lie down and let someone else’s fingers do the talking.

Pressure points are still firmly found but if I was to describe the massages in a few sentances it would be like this. They attack from the sides. The openings between muscles and bones are interogated. My feet in particular were given such a rigorous attack I had to stifle many a manly squeal.

Money well spent all in all and where else would you receive a kiss on the cheek from the massage matron at the end of your treatment.

The Phuoc Beauty Salon can be found on the corner of Nguyen Duy Hieu and Pham Hong Thai Streets in Hoi An.

She can be contacted on 09 05629026 email

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