With creative juices starved and a week of mishaps I was looking forward to having a good walk this Sunday morning and taking a few photos. The first surprise of the morning was finding out one of our Crew had bought a Lamborghini home last night like a stray cat. More about that later.

The walk from Port Canto to Cannes city is a pleasant one. A very feisty mistral breeze had blown away all of the haze that hangs above this stretch of coast allowing for good photos. A day light sober walk of Cannes is slightly more illuminating than a drunken swagger during the film festival.

With out sounding like a complete nonce, Cannes is probably more beauty focussed than Monaco. The film festival leaves a collagen injected pall year round. Even the tourists make a concerted effort to look star worthy.

This walkway straddles a very rocky garden of sorts and the port.

To reinforce my earlier points a collection of art work demonstrating the Cannes photo festival adorned the  promenade.

There was

a recurring theme

I think

do you see it?

Anyway I did have a secondary mission. It was the crew member who bought the Lamborghini homes birthday. Sundays in France are slim pickings if you are shopping. The French, bless them that do turn up to work on a Sunday are usually not impressed to be there and they will hang around till Lunchtime if you are lucky. I did find a birthday card which handily had no French on it. I also found a suitably large bottle of Brut Champagne.

On my return to my boat I found out the Lambo needed to be returned to a hotel. Naturally I calmly leapt out of my skin at the chance to do this.

Hell yeah. If you want to drive a car which throws you into the back of your seat and breaks peoples necks as you pass by the Lamborghini Gallardo for you.

Not a bad Sunday eh?

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