I think I can safely say that Summer has arrived on the Riviera. We have had four very sunny days and the local wind Les Mistral has dropped away to a manageable breeze.

More people are turning up to sample the beaches. The distinctly European way of sun bathing is becoming familiar. After a few days of working in the sun I have started to gain new insights into things I had previously ignored.

Boat shoes

Back in the early 90’s a terrifying craze reached my high school. The humble boat shoe became the sole of choice and many a misguided youth proudly wore them anywhere but on a boat. I dodged this fashion faux pas until now. But I can safely say that the modern day boat shoe has saved my posterior a lot of hurt. They grip incredibly well on wet surfaces and seem to be aptly named. Who would have thought?

Soap Suds

Have you ever washed a car for 8 hours? The humble soap sud begins to take on whole new dimensions after an extended period. Soap suds even taste ok when they fly into your mouth. I could have become dehydrated and delirious if it was not for the soap suds.


I now know the feeling of a captive ape. Staring people look ludicrous. I have mastered the art of not pulling faces back at them. It is easy to see why primates act they way they do.

Polo Shirts

File polo shirts in the same underused drawer with boat shoes. They dry really quickly and dirt seems to rebound off them. Mysterious technology indeed.

It is now the weekend. It is time to do some land based adventuring.

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