First impressions of driving far into the boot of Italy is that the roading network was created by incredibly enthusiastic Dwarves. There are countless tunnels going through huge hills. There are tunnels inside tunnels.

I actually think we saw a close relative of a Dwarf at one point. He certainly could have passed for a Dwarf if he did not have an orange road worker jacket on.

The second thing after a couple of hours travelling at breakneck speeds along the A10 was that the engineers were showing off when they were building the bridges. Not content with building bridges all over the place they rarely travel in a straight line. Invariably they spiral through the air with luscious curves to meet tunnels. Show offs.

As often is the case with these trips our end destination was a port town. This particular one is called Viareggio. First impressions are good. Its full of yachts and friendly folk. Top marks to Alberto popping out of the woodwork to greet us and tell us some funny tales of Italy.


Speaking of crazy driving he told us of the rebellion against having to wear seat belts in Naples ten years ago. Enterprising locals started selling t-shirts with seatbelt graphics emblazoned across them. You could passenger or driver ones depending on your seat.

In what seems to be a reoccurring theme we spent a few hours searching for an elusive item. Small sized trousers for my Wife. There is probably a tenuous link between no gluten free food and no small sized trousers in Italy. What do you think?

I did find myself admiring the mannequin display in one shop. It was macabre in a good way. I often think of dismembered corpses when I stand zombie like waiting for my partner to resurface from a changing room.

Italy. I quite like the place.

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