It is not every day that people get married. Actually people get married every day. It just is not every day that truly awesome, incredible, close friends and studious readers of this blog get married. I had wanted to write something suitably awesome, incredible and friendly for every body to read.

Buckle up, we are now in first gear. I have known Jarra and Karyn for many moons. An interesting fusion, I swear they can elevate the blood pressure and heart rates of people with little effort. This is done by simply walking into a room, or walking out of one as the case may be.

I say fusion because, bereft of a geiger counter or similar device I suspect that in combination the two of them emit low levels of radiation. Completely safe levels of course and the legal union of the couple should lower insurance premiums for the rest of us.

I jest in earnest because that is what I find myself doing in their company. My wit has sharpened considerably for knowing them and although it may pain acquaintances you will not find a better whetstone to rub your brain across. I would wager that it would also not be healthy to find a better whetstone because you would not want your freshly sharpened brain to fall out of your skull.

Again today they shall be married. I have been given the honor of being part of Jarra’s support team. I have been given the task of ‘moral support’. So today I shall do my best to offer sagely moral support and forget all of the immoral support I have been privy to.

A better couple you will not find getting married who are also readers of this blog. Of this I am certain. So raise your glasses if you are having problems reading…

Congratulations guys you are a splendid couple and I am very proud to know you!

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