Placeholder blogging is a technique I delve into from time to time. Never heard of placeholder blogging? Read on as phrases are minted before your eyes. Wracked with guilt and starved of meaningful inspiration a placeholder blog is my way of keeping my place on the internet and in your minds. They often kick start a slew of posts. Think of it as blog constipation medicine if you can stomach it. Understand? Good, read on.

Don’t understand? Clearly you need to read my blog more often. Read on.

Stranded on a quite inhabited island

Because we are in a state of perpetual readiness for our owner there is a blanket ban on traveling to other islands that are not a day trip away. This means I will not be going to Cuba in a hurry, it also means those other two big islands North and South America are out of reach. This is quite a shame, there are quite a few places I would like to visit on those large islands. Bugger.

Saint Martin is nice enough but I do feel like I have an almost normal extraordinary life at the moment. I work monday to friday, I go to the gym. I enjoy time with my digital extended family Macbook pro, iPad, iPhone and Nano. On the weekend I like to watch movies and drink pina coladas by the pool.

Why just today I had a lovely lunch on the aft deck, I was waited on by two stewardess’s. I enjoyed a snapper filet on top a bed of beans with a salsa topping. I then enjoyed a palate cleaning shot of vanilla vodka surrounding a dollop of lemon sorbet. The finale was a baked Alaska fit for someone as awesome as me.

Enveloping all of this was an unending supply of frizz-ante and red wine expertly poured into my glass. Having only recently learned how to run away from my own drink pouring this confused my poor brain most adequately. Why, I do believe my physical and cognitive function was impaired this afternoon.

Fugitives in Spain

In our haste to conquer Spain, we may have been a bit hasty especially in our rental car. Some three months later two speeding fines were delivered on horseback by a Vaquero to our New Zealand postal address. The fines were sadly in Spanish but with months of imagined Spanish learning I could make out  some key words. Loco, Gringo and Joder . Knowing that the Spanish economy is hurting and King Carlos would soon be on my trail along with the Spanish football team I sought out the expert advice of El Fuerte. El Fuerte was holidaying in the north of Spain but he was only too happy to help and with a few emails our fines have been paid and we should be welcome to return come summer again.

My first Hawaiian experience

On Friday past we took refuge in the local watering hole before Anna’s birthday dinner. I must have looked particularly friendly, interested, deranged or maybe a mixture of these. I say this because a  Captain latched onto me like a determined limpet mine and proceeded to explode upon me with a torrent of information some interesting and some gratingly annoying. It turns out this Captain was from Hawaii and was a little bit crazy. I blame this on being the sole captain for a Sailboat. He came across as the sort of sailor who had been at sea for year or so on a solo voyage. His saving graces were that he had been to New Zealand and was the first Hawaiian I had met. He did end up coming to our birthday dinner but promptly abandoned us for a table of girls who turned out to be strippers. Stay classy Hawaii!

What else?

I did have other ideas but they always come to me when I am not near my laptop or digital family. In somewhat good news our boss is not turning up this weekend. We hope to get off this island and visit…….. another island!  

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