Brain spasm. I have had myriads of magnificent musings rolling around in my head for weeks now but none of them have had enough substance to carry off a blog entry……..

Until now. Being the sole creative talent, management and marketing of this enterprise I call the shots. Lets get messy with words.

There is a lot to be said for drinking wine with lunch. Just one glass mind. I have been listening to a mother lode of old Captain stories and I will be tapping this vein for as long as I am on board. Did you know the lumberjacks in France used to be paid with wine? Imagine that. Swinging an axe all day and swigging from a flagon of wine. Did you know lumberjacks had a high fatality rate? Fancy.

The Captain is a wily devil. We have an American broker staying with us until the boat sells. The Captain tried to starve him out by not buying groceries. He then tried to thirst him off the boat by not replenishing the alcohol stores. The American was quite happy eating pistachios and drinking Scotch for dinner. Sacre bleu!

Washing boats is a lot more fun when you are packing an iPod. I invested in one because I was not that keen on seeing my iPhone disappear into the sea. iPhone overboard!

There is no word for average in Italian. This explains how things are always either brilliant of abysmal. Average is a dirty word.

Opening an offshore bank account is a pain in the ass. Lloyds TSB made me feel like a criminal even though I did everything listed on their very own application form. Now I am left with opening an account in Uruguay or keep getting paid in cash……

I have been eating a lot of Gelato. I think I am becoming an addict.

I think I miss my wife and I started to miss her in such an unromantic way. I was washing the pots and pans after lunch and maybe more than one glass of wine because it was the weekend. I had a little moment where I thought to myself this is familiar. I always washed the dishes in our nest. I turned to make a funny remark and alas she was not there. I did call the American a Canadian though.

Beaches are not as cool when you don’t know anyone.

Buying bottles of beer at the beach is cool.

If and when the boat sells we are going to spend a month cruising the med then we will head to Turkey for a section of winter. Bring on the kebabs!

Today is the first day I have not taken pain killers since I ruined my thumb.

We have a large sail boat beside us. There are two major differences between Sail boats and Motor Yachts.

  • On sail boats the crew smoke all of the time on the boat.
  • On sail boats the deckhands can make rope swings for the kids to play on when they have guests.

It sounds like we will be going back to France at some point. I think I have been away from France long enough to be excited about going back. We have these neat elastic bag shoe covers for guests that I might wear in the streets to make an elegant point about the dog refuse.

That is better I can see clearer now the writers blood rage has gone from my vision.

Tally Ho!

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