I had hoped to write this post once we had secured full time jobs. But the start of another month and a lack of other things to write about has given me impetus to commence this opus early.

It appears we were given dodgy intelligence on Yachts of Maximum Dimensions.

Disseminating the tons of written, verbal and digital information has been a full time job. Countless interviews with recruitment agents, shipping agents, port security, dock walkers, gangway attendants, runners, stray dogs and rope lines has stretched my processing power to its very limits.

Three reoccurring themes have struck again and again.

It is who you know.

It is good luck and timing.

It is good luck and timing.

A few people I know have had good fortune after spending all their money in bars and at the beach. The Scotch man in me baulks at this idea. The Devil in me thinks this idea has some merit.

A few people I know have had some luck with recruitment agencies. Sadly the recruitment agencies here are largely ineffectual. I am reminded of a Murphy’s law

Why is it to get a bank loan you must first prove that you do not need the money?

This could easily be adapted to getting a job here.

Why is it to get a job on a super yacht ,you must first get a job and have had a perfectly good job for at least a year?

My best friend the internet, in true internet fashion has plenty of great resources that you must pay for to get the most out of them.

I am starting to get bored.

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  1. El Draco
    El Draco says:

    You are not the first to pick up on that likeness. You will probably will not be the last 🙂

    Lovely to meet you guys. I have name dropped you both kind of 😀


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