How much do I love today? Let me count the ways.

52 days
3 Apartments
31 Train Rides
21 Bus Rides
15 Days of Car hire
2 Nights in Hotels
3 Countries
8 Seasons of Fraiser! (cheers Doug)

16 Bottles of Gin
12 Bottles of Cider
10 Bottles of Roset
31 Baguettes
4 Pizza
2 Calzone

3 Broken toes
2 Pairs of broken Sunglasses
1 Nokia Phone (presumed dead)

6 Polo Shirts
3 Pairs of Boat Shorts
28 Dock walks
200 copies of CV printed
8 Recruitment agencies
5 days of 3g Internet
31 visits to Internet Cafes

Now let me commence with the series of odd events that led up to today. Last week was a write off. A new moon zapped us of all motivation and we were left stricken. On Sunday a three day self blood sacrifice began. During my morning shave I managed to clip my earlobe and the bleeding began. On Monday morning I did exactly the same thing. Then on Tuesday morning I cut my thumb opening a can of fruit that some Australian vagrant left in our house

Naturally we were quite happy to leave France behind and head to Italy. It was in Italy we met a fabulous couple from Tennessee who wowed us with their commanding grasp of Italian and charming obliviousness to Super Yachts. This is salvation when you have been thinking about them non stop for six months.

Refreshed, fed and happy our dock walk this morning culminated in an interview of sorts with the Captain of a fantastic Yacht. The interview was about 5 minutes long. There were no questions. We could have actually jumped on the Yacht right then and there but we had to return our rental car. The Yacht picks us up on Saturday. We have ten days work together. We think it is a trial. If it is anything like the interview we might just crack this Super Yacht thing.


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