I hope you all had an excellent time where ever you are.

Just a quick note to say we are alive and back in Viareggio. We had a wonderful time in Prague, stopped by Verona on our way home and feel rested and ready for 2010.

I am happy to say in what has been a recurring theme I have already managed to do something quite stupid in 2010. On the long drive home I patiently sat waiting until I could write about where we have been with the aid of photographs.

When we arrived back on board I discovered I had misplaced the camera. I did not get much sympanthy from my long suffering wife. In fact she had what could be best described as a terse outburst.

Thank the blue moon that my camera was found in our rental car in Pisa. Whilst this is not ideal it does mean I will have photographic evidence to support my tales on or around the 4th of January.

Until then. If you are going to lose something important.


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