I think it is safe for the cat to escape the bag. The mystery location that I have mysteriously arrived in is the glorious collection of Islands called the Seychelles. The journey was uneventful, there was a boat ceremony which involved throwing days old rotting food at people who have not been across the equator. Naturally I declined such an offer and barricaded myself in my cabin. It was bought to my attention the very next day that I missed a centuries old custom. I may not be centuries old, yet but I do have some sense of dignity which is still very intact., silly me.

I was asked to give a hand outside when we came into port. I had not been outside for a few days, usually going outside for me entails going up a mast or something equally exciting. The warm clime and stunning water was definitely a tonic for the soul.

Thankfully our owner visited the next day throwing us into disarray and chaos that only a Boss visit can provide. The highlight of the trip for me was getting my epaulettes. Not only are my epaulettes three striped works of art they have lightning bolts which are a nice nod to my internet handle. Thanks universe for that bit of magic.

I am not at liberty to discuss any details of the trip but I would like to say that when I become incredibly rich I do not want a huge entourage just a man that makes me cups of tea. A tea man if you will.

With our boss departing just as soon he he arrived we got a day off yesterday. I spent my day doing Dan things. With the pocket battler departing us this weekend I have been preparing a selection of tunes to play at his farewell. There is a a quite nice bar that is very close and we have schmoozed the manager quite sufficiently.

Other than that, I wont go on to much about how warm it is or how beautiful things are or even how our Captain is going to move the boat out to anchor this week so we can go for a swim under the guise of testing equipment.


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