So at the start of last year we devised a plan to see Europe together in 2016. Using my time honoured ratherlargeadventure image scratching technique I drew up this. Labelling a few high and lowlights.

We then started planning and scheming in detail and promptly fell pregnant with Dario.

Fast forward a year. The Sun is beating down in our Star Sign and the updated Family Edition is taking place.

You see back in 2011, I visited Palma. Fell in love and promptly declared I could see myself living there.

The opportunity has arisen for us to do this for a few months all together. This is a wonderful not so chance happance. I have been running a parallel life for the last 6 years and it is time for Anna to see the best parts of it.

Somewhat both unconsciously but fastidiously I have neglected to see any of Palma other than the city, airport and an outlet mall. This will allow us to get the full, fresh experience.

After Palma I have some extramural education to attend to in Newcastle.

We will then make our way to Sweden for the 3 best days of the year. Mid Sommar. I will dance like a frog in SWEDEN. I will see my pet Viking. I think I have written about this

From here I think we will have to go to Legoland in Denmark. Essential training for Master Dario.

It is then off to Berlin for fabulousness and to visit Prague in warm weather. Another thing I wrote about.

From here thing get a bit more flowy. Italy has to be done. It was our saviour all those years ago.

Barcelona and London have been a big part of my life away.

I think Portugal and Croatia both offer new stories so a coin will be flipped at some point.

There are a few details to be worked through but my star sign wiseley told me on Friday not to worry about hows, whys and any details until Mercury makes an appearance.

Just worry about the WHAT.

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