I feel obligated to write a little about some negative feedback that has come our Families way about Anna trying to support our Family selling products on Facebook.

We are married. Our Wedding Vows whilst owing a lot to childhood Science Fiction/Fantasy do talk about us supporting each other where we can.

We are in a unique situation. I am not home for six months of the year. I earn good money but we still have to budget each month and there is not much left after our mortgage, food, utilities, things for our child and dog and maintaining our house. We moved to Europe for 5 months this year. Anna’s business helped us stay on the road and we were very frugal.

We run a BNB, I would wager 85% of the profits of this go back into turning our property into a eco friendly part of the world. We have our own chickens, we are planting trees. We want to install solar panels. I have grand plans for our utilising our river. Pyramids don’t come cheap.

I am pretty confident Anna’s first product Juice Plus was the reason we got pregnant after many years of trying. That is our experience. Not some *facts* you read on the internet. 

Anna now sells cosmetics and wellness products from a company called NuSkin.

The most successful is the viral whitening toothpaste, after using it for six months my teeth are whiter than they have ever been. I have also been using the Galvanic spa. I have suffered from what I like to call wheat aids which makes my skin and scalp break out with flakey dry skin since the age of 30. NuSkin products are scientifically proven more so than the gunk you buy in pharmacies. After six months of using the Galvanic spa my skin is incredibly smooth. I can even get away with eating a bit of gluten now and again. This is my evidence. I am firm believer in Gnosis. Knowledge from self experience.

I also provide A LOT of quality/funny and thought inspiring content on facebook. Me supporting my Wife is my way of monetising this content. If a service is free on internet. You are the product. You might as well try to get something back, tastefully of course.

If you have not realised. The world is changing quickly. I saw this beautiful quote today. 

“I have read somewhere of an old Chinese curse: ‘May you be born in an interesting time!’ This is a VERY interesting time: there are no models for ANYTHING that is going on. It is a period of free fall into the future, and each has to make his or her own way. The old models are not working; the new have not yet appeared. In fact, it is we who are even now shaping the new in the shaping of our interesting lives. And that is the whole sense (in mythological terms) of the present challenge: we are the ‘ancestors’ of an age to come, the unwitting generators of its supporting myths,the mythic models that will inspire its lives.”

Joseph Campbell, Goddesses: Mysteries of the Feminine Divine (Copyright © 2013 Joseph Campbell Foundation), p.xiv”

So the next time you get angry about seeing someone trying to support their Family on Facebook. Just take a big breath and say nothing. Especially if you have received money for a service you advertised on Facebook………..

“Silence is sometimes the best answer.” – Dalai Lama

If you are interested in whiter teeth or better skin. Send Anna an email she will be happy to help.

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