Under the advice of some podcaster who was babbling to me during my jetlag induced insomnia, I started using an app called Sleep Cycle. Sleep Cycle uses your microphone to gauge how well you are sleeping. After one night use, I have discovered a couple of bugs.

It does not mix well with sleep aids. I had to use a sleep aid last night as I had a nap during the day to pass the time you know how it goes. I also received some coffee from countdown as I felt a bit guilty drinking the hotel out of coffee sachets all the time as much as I enjoy talking to the reception. This meant I drank a bit more coffee than is usual and I did not get to sleep until after 12am.

So at approximately 6:15am I started to hear a weird sound. It was a bit like a star trek transporter sound so from the depths of torpor I began thinking I was finally being taken home to my alien home. About bloody time. 

But alas it was Sleep Cycle politely reminding me that I am alive and I should be doing something. So here I am. I am well. I am seven days into Isolation 7 more to go. After 5 days of using Sleep Cycle, it will tell me if I need to start sleeping in a coffin or uninstall it. Now that is a smart app. Get on your bike.

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