This post is from the past. The clever thing about blogger and the internet, in general, is that you can write things and then set them to automatically appear as you desire.  

After my somewhat rude awakening, I finished watching Django Unchained. I had started watching it the night before in conjunction with my somewhat crude attempt at having a good nights sleep. I am sure you have seen Django Unchained if you have not and are squeamish wear your COVID mask over your eyes and hold your ears with your hands.

It is terrifyingly violent but extremely satisfying. A slave becomes a freeman rescues his Wife and kills a lot of bad people with some good explosions thrown in for good measure.

I helped a friend with a business project drafting up a very rough spreadsheet with some ideas. I hope it helps him. If it does not I can work on it today. The beauty of having a some what absent schedule.

As the Sun had appeared I thought I should take a walk in our yard. As I went to enter the lift I saw someone leave who looked ill not wearing a mask and somewhat dishevelled. I surmise it was just jet lag but I did take the liberty to lubricate all of the lift buttons with copious amounts of hand sanitiser which is dotted around the premises.

Our yard is on the basement level. It is really the car park but as all the “guests” arrive by bus it serves as a walking track. People walk in a clockwise direction at a slow pace and there is plenty of friendly Army personnel to talk to from a distance. 

I did notice a few salty types. Despite my actual electromechanical tendencies I do know what sailors look like and with a bit of eavesdropping, I learned they are part of the English Americans cup challenge. Grant Dalton if you are reading. They are big units. I hope you guys have got a good program for your boys. 

After my lunch, I think I spent about 5 hours working on a new mix which I shall record as soon as I get back to my decks. I could do it here but the karma and yin/yang and all that jumbo here is a mess.

So I actually feel like I had quite a productive day. It appears if you put Dragons in cages they can be quite industrious. But DONT TELL ANYONE.

Today is actually a Mayan Frequency Shift day.

My last thoughts before I sleep. I have that Friday night feeling that you learn as you discover the world. I feel like I am missing out on something. I wonder to myself in 40 years will I still have that feeling from my sumptuous Dragons Den or will I be a Dragon chained.

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