I have been looking for a way to sum up the last couple of months. It has largely been a series of steps in multiple directions. I fear putting it all out there might cheapen its meaning but I do have a tale from today.

This morning I dropped our continental car off to be serviced. I then walked across town to meet some new friends. It takes a long time to make friends in small towns but I think I met some quality candidates today. They have a drone photography business.  He had a drone laboratory where he makes drones and he showed me a 3D printer which he uses to make parts with. I have been wanting a 3D printer for a long time but have not had a good enough reason with  WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor)

The car took a long time to be serviced. I drifted through Kerikeri which is painfully small when you are trying to while time away. I ended up in a library and spent a couple of hours with books and myself. I did a walk pass of the car and saw that it was still being worked on. I then went and did something which I can’t remember doing for a very long time.

I sat under a tree. It was not a tree that was sat under very often. The tree looked a bit lost.

Sitting under a tree might not seem that exciting but when you give it all of your attention it becomes very enlivening. It was a nice time to think about the last two months. What has transgressed and enjoy the fortified self I have constructed. Time spent looking within has given me new ways to look at the outside world. I feel more a part of the world again.

An hour or so later I went back to the mechanic. Its was there I had a brainwave. I need that 3D printer to print off the ridiculously expensive car parts our car seems to eat alive.

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