Following up my last mix was always going to be a bit difficult but here we are.

As the Sun set the last day of my 30’s I recorded this.

It channels the energy of the Leopard and maybe the first half of my life.

Leopards are interesting beasts to google image search. From my very cursory glance looking for a suitable photo. 50% of the time they hang out in trees looking magnificent. 10% of the time they are hunting. 30% of the time they look menacing. 20% of the time they have dopey expressions. Not a bad statistical break down.

It is a wee bit mangey in parts. Like a Leopard who stayed out a bit too long hunting magnificently after falling out of his tree menacingly and now looks a bit dopey.

Mangey is just another word for authentic, nae?

A birthday present from me.

WARNING has a Piranha Tail.

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