We had quite a successful boss trip last week. It lasted about six days and we had some very good feedback from all key steakholders (intentional pun).
Directly after the trip our Captain congratulated us. He told us we had three days off and all crew were entitled to a massage from the local therapist. This was pretty awesome news.
Joe and I went off to our surfing spot. We ironically took a personal photographer Theo. We were commenting in the car how out of all of the bosses numerous entourage the photographers seemed the most worthwhile. That and the Tea/sisha man. 
November looks to be the best time of the year for surfing and upon reaching Police bay we set about wooping and making convincing impressions of people who know how to body board. Theo did a great job of cataloging our outing.

I wiped out a couple of times quite spectacularly. I also cramped up at one point with such fervour that Joe thought I had been bitten by a shark. On our way back to the boat I broke my alcohol sabbatical of two months with a couple of glasses of red wine. It was dirt cheap and tasted divine. Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder.
I went into a deep sleep after eating some dinner and awoke to what could only be interpreted as a nightmare. Joe was telling Shane and I that we has to take the boat to the Middle East. 
The mood on the boat the next morning could only be described like a zombie aflicted morgue with a hangover. It was a bit of a slap in the face given that we have only just left the Middle East. Having had one of our best charters ever and to be heading back that way. 
Luckily for the Chef and I. We had prior plans. Mine involved flying out the day the boat departed for Newcastle on Tyne. I’m writing this from the perpetually confusing Charles de Gaul. Everytime I come here is an ordeal. I’m quite stoked I got onto my plane after four bus rides. 
Newcastle after being away from the western world for so long is marvellous. I have been struck by how friendly everyone is. More about Newcastle later in the week. My heart goes out to my home and pseudo family which is beating its way up to parts unknown.
The moral of this story. Seize the day and your board. You never know what might happen or what might seize up.
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