With a bit of luck we will leave Italy tomorrow for the immediate future. The timing of this exit is impeccable. On Wednesday the Sun moves into Aquarius. On Thursday we will arrive in Malta, next Monday will be my birthday. We will leave Malta after a week or so and head south towards Egypt, pirates and finally Abu Dhabi.

Italy has been very good to us. It is where we both got our first real breaks in yachting. Italians are very passionate people and it has been interesting working and living amongst them. Italy is a vast place and we have only seen the smallest slice of it.

There have been a lot of exasperating things about living and working in Italy. I have touched on a few of them and will save some in reserve for when my vision is not so clouded by gelato. Speaking of which our new chef has stockpiled a lot of gelato and aqua frizzante which is good. I rue the day when we run out of either.

I do not intend on seeing any of this again.

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