During my many drives in the past three weeks, I did come up with a rough draft of the following. I do need a better method for taking notes. Pulling over to thumb my phone seems barbaric. Stay tuned.

One of my lesser-known bullet points on my Resume is a B1B2 U.S.A visa. This Visa allows me to enter and exit the USA for multiple periods for work and as a tourist. These typically last 10 years for a New Zealand citizen. My last one issued in Florence, Italy expired in October.

I did actually look at doing this twice in the middle of the year but COVID had other ideas.

The actual process is quite painfully traumatic at the start but relatively easy at the end. After telling a website my movements in and out of the USA for 10x years, employment history and a lot of superfluous information an appointment is booked. 

I had two cancellations before my live interview on the 20th of October. 

I went to this interview suitable attired and painted. I did have a good friend question my relative lack of toned downness but I did have a Trump card.

Well earned and a wee bit hard to discuss freely.

Also if there is one thing this administration has taught us. You can be very good looking and completely incompetent to pass as a civil servant. I freely identify with these traits on good and bad days.

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