Where ever I travel dogs are a great barometer of the people and the places. As noted earlier France is awash with splendid dogs. I have seen many a fine four legged beast. It is hard picking a stand out canine but we have got to know a particularly cute and charming one. This female we named Grunty on the charming grunting noises she makes. She lives behind the counter at a hotel we visit for free internet. We have become almost locals and we have a usual order which the staff have started to remember.

“Deux cafe ole s’il vous plait” which equals “Two Coffee with milk please”
Grunty was a mystery for the first few days as she does a lot of sleeping. But on our third visit she came out grunting and snuffling and made her self known to us. She has a gorgeous coat and a nice owner to boot.
Now we are leaving France I thought it was prudent to take some photos of Grunty for you all to enjoy.

Grunty in her favourite place behind the hotel desk.

Grunty waking up for a photo .

Grunty posing.

I will miss Grunty.
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