One of the benefits of working with an English crew has been engaging in banter and learning phrases in my mother tongue. A couple of stand outs from the last six weeks are cleverly dappled across the title of this very posting.

Sneaky lion

-The sneaky lion is the lion in a pride who hangs back watching the other lions do stupid things. By letting them fight and beat chests in the pursuit of Lionliness (new word)  The sneaky lion reaps all of the rewards.

Gilded Cage

-A beautiful work environment where it is very easy to become trapped. You have all the opportunity in the world but no time or energy to use it.

And without further preamble,

The Sneaky Lion Escapes the Gilded cage

The sneaky lion was sad. He spent his days pacing his gilded cage doing his jobs with the other lions. He felt very unsatisfied and  his lioness was trapped in another gilded cage. He did not know why he was sad and he did not know what to do.

One night he had a dream about his lioness. She sat him down and told him he needed to escape his cage and have some quality personal time. The sneaky lion did not agree at first, he may have been a sneaky lion but he was also a proud Lion and did not think he needed to rest. He was very good at resting and thought he had had plenty of rest being the Phantom lion as well.

The lioness would not take no for an answer, she knew the Sneaky lion better than he knew himself. So the very next day the Sneaky Lion planned his escape. Gilded cages are not very easy to escape but the sneaky lion was ever so sneaky. He cleverly wrote a letter explaining he had pressing business. He then went and spoke with the albino alpha lion. The albino alpha lion understood the sneaky lions predicament. He gave the sneaky lion his blessing and said the sneaky lion could leave in two weeks and he would help him to escape.

The rest of the pride was very sad. Stu lion would miss the sneaky lion telling stories all day and always smiling. Fran lion would miss the sneaky lion annoying her and being so annoyable himself. Carla lion would miss the sneaky lion’s calming influence. Manu Lion would miss the sneaky Lion’s extensive Swedish vocabulary. Quite a cool lion this sneaky lion eh?

And so on the 14th of August the Sneaky lion escapes his gilded cage.

To be continued…….

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