In a concerted effort to return my brain to tip top condition I have embarked on a body reconditioning program which should return my physique to the incredible marvel of a nutritious diet, regular exercise and vice less paragon I was before I embarked on a career in yachting.

My brain has already started to bear fruit and I have been thinking on how to improve my internet experience. My findings are the framework for an application which could have far reaching consequences.

Much like the advertisement and pop up blockers from days gone by the DanHammer ™ works like this.

The user completes a profile to create a settings file, for example.

I have no interest in reality television
I have no interest in the *stars* of it
I do not subscribe to political manifestoes
I detest talent shows
I am not religious

The DanHammer program then acts as a proxy filter hiding away these wastes of space. A logic routine might looks like this

Key word Kardashian found
Trigger Delete offending text, ban website, block facebook friend
Key word Simon Cowell found
Trigger Send Abusive email
Key word X-Factor picture
Trigger Replace with picture of Llama

Already the users internet experience is far better. This is not censorship. It is taking out the trash.

Sadly my body reconditioning program is taking up far too much of my time for me to pursue this further but I take heart that some of my previous ideas were inspiration for this little app.

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