It took about 9.5 months to delete myself from Facebook.

Luke Skywalker deleted Facebook on the same day. I am in good company. The original StarWars came out the year I was born. Somehow my sisters convinced our whole family to go. I lasted till Darth Vader and spent the rest of the time in the lobby.

I was an early adopter joining Facebook when it was important to say which school you were from.

I saw the rise of apps, advertisements and algorithms.

I wanted to delete my account when Cambridge Analytica broke. I had an inkling earlier that my time on Facebook was making me angry and sad.

I realised given my work I can talk to people with unfounded opinions pretty easily. I can also talk to myself about subjects I know little about.

I prefer Reddit if I am interested in a specialist topic. If I’m feeling crazy I dive into twitter. I am pretty convinced that most of the insane posts on twitter are bots.

I broke ties on the first of March. I had a relapse in October but that was it.

Things I missed.

Specialist groups that do not have an Instagram presence. I realise Instagram is owned by Facebook. I realise that over 10% of instagram is bots
Birthday messages. I received about 10 internet messages, something you will miss if you take the plunge.

How I deleted Facebook?

I personally messaged people I want to retain contact with my email address and contact phone number for signal.

I migrated my Facebook birthdays for my contacts a long time ago.

I backed up my entire Facebook account.

I read Permanent record by Edward Snowden.

If I have something really important to say I will say it in person if at all possible, then a private message or email.

I do actually enjoy talking to people and private messaging. It’s more bespoke.

The final straw

Facebook is so addictive that when you delete your account if you log in within 30 days your account is enabled. This makes me think your data is always part of Facebook and is used in apps like Instagram.

I do not miss Facebook.

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