During my last missive I wrote about the importance of having a soft toy or two. Please picture the following in your minds eye and if that fails use the carefully captured digital renditions. We had decided to venture in to the Jungle for a musical party. After lubricating ourselves thoroughly and communicating our intentions to every soul withins a miles radius we set off.

The journey was thoroughly enjoyable. We had preformed rudimentary reconnaissance by scooter the day prior. The trip was six minutes by two wheels. I have no idea how long it took by four. The taxi seemed to be using a motion blurring haze to disguise the length of trip.

We arrived. I took a photo of the entrance knowing it could be my last photo of the night. We spent a while getting covered in local jungle bug repellent. I chose a mosquito eating dragon.

We sat down and swilled some more refreshments. It was then a wild monkey befriended us. Looking strangely familiar it proceeded to make itself known to all and sundry. It even helped us to réhydrate ourselves by bucket.

The monkeys valiant efforts were not enough. We were still parched and longed for the quiet of our cabin. A true gentleman the monkey tried to hail a cab and when none appeared he drove us home. I can now safely say the only reason I am writing today is that a monkey drove me home. Another tick in my to do list.

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