Periodically I lurch into the depths of the internet scouring its bowels for ways to increase my readership. This proves largely depressing for reasons that I will cover soon – but I will not call it completely fruitless.

The problems with using blogging as a medium for writing are numerous. If you go out to see what blogs are really successful they are usually devoted to one thing.

How to improve your blog

Do you see my frustration? To become truly successful I must write about something that I have no interest in writing about. Which makes me wonder…. were any of the successful blogs writing about anything worth reading before they became successful? Do I want to become successful? I think not! Of course in my own mind I am a raging success so I bat my eyelids and blink as the cameras flash around me.

If you burrow a bit further you will find whole websites devoted to the self promotion of blogs. These places are refuges for depraved blog junkies desperate for that next hit. I can only visit them for a while without feeling physically ill.

My other gripe is the word blog… for someone like me who has been writing and ranting on for close to ten years on the internet the word blog is highly offensive and necessary at the same time.

Want a blast from the past?

Go and read this crazy news from a decade ago

Do you know what word makes blog look pretty. Blogosphere. I am part of that word I am contributing to it and so are you by reading this blog. Are you feeling ok? Take a stiff drink if you are not, I am hic.

Now I have got that off my chest. I can get down to my solution.

If you look to the left of this writing you will see a new section above the bright red official UPFM sound track button that you click every time you visit. It is my new follower section. There is a good chance if you have read all of this you are a follower of this blog. Now you can announce it to the world!

Or just click this link

Easy, I think.

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