I had an oddly cognoscente moment this afternoon. I was crossing a busy section of the down town bus terminal when I paused for a micro second to reflect on the dangers of being a pedestrian. I was then set upon by a large bus. All I could do was skip merrily out of the way, thank my ever lucky stars and think how I could spin this into a story. I was very lucky not to have damaged the bus and in doing so hold up commuters.

Once upon a time I went on for a job interview. As usual I parked miles away from my eventual target. Doing so allows me to carry out valuable reconnaissance and plan an escape if there is an alien invasion or zombie virus breakout.

I was quite smitten with potential of the job. It was working for an all girls school in the IT department. Naturally I was quite excited as I would have had plenty of macs to play with. My first love is apple macs not girls.

Thinking about the interview I crossed the last road crossing before the school and just before the white lines I encountered a car which was traveling with some velocity. I dutifully gave way and proceeded to bounce off the bonnet and intensely scrutinize the road back first.

The driver of the car was awfully sorry and offered to ferry me to a hospital. In a bout of stupidity I turned him down ” I had a job interview to make” I did take up an offer of a paper towel or three to clean my soiled hands and trousers.

In an elevated state of consciousness I bumbled my way through the interview. I made no mention of my accident and about thirty minutes later I scurried into my car and onto an emergency room. It was then I noticed I had blood all over my face. My interviewers had neglected to inform me of this slight. My passion and zealousness was obviously overwhelming.

Needless to say I did not get the job. I have not been hit by a vehicle since and intend to keep it it so. Today was odd in that sense. It seemed foreboding therefore I write.

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  1. Nez
    Nez says:

    Thanks Dan I needed another hit, I’m satisfied now. I think it’s funny you think they didn’t hire you because you were covered in blood from a pedestrian accident. It was probably because you sounded completely WIRED from the accident and they thought you were on uppers.


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