Sometimes the world moves in mysterious ways.

On Monday I was sunning myself on the Riviera living the life.

On Tuesday we made our way back to Italy. Our agent could not find us a berth in Imperia or Viareggio. We ended up in Livorno with no berth and we docked in the Commercial yard.

That is our boat sitting amongst piles of limestone and other useful metals.

I have had my second run in with our engineer. This time I was not as nice. I used a choice smattering of expletives and adjectives. I do believe I called question of his self esteem levels and impolitely told him to stay away from me and to limit further communication for my mental health.

Whether this will work remains to be seen. I will give our next heated interaction some thought.

I may make a show of head butting a stainless steel rail to signify the futility of our previous discussions.

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