We traversed the Panama Canal yesterday. It took us about 12 hours and we are now anchored off Panama City. In the duopoly of Canals I have voyaged through the Panama canal is infinitely more interesting that the ridiculous Suez canal.

For starters my friends the Dolphins turned up for an impromptue party as we came into our anchorage on the northern side.

The Canal itself is bordered by rich looking jungle. In parts it looked when I would expect the Amazon to look like. I did not see any tribes or jaguars.

We came upon a loch at about 2:30pm. At this point we were connected to a series of four small diesel locomotives which held us in place whilst the water was dramatically lowered,

We are now in the Pacific Ocean and that is comforting. The skyline of Panama city is very impressive.

Workwise we took on about 200 kilos of equipment which will need to be installed before our next trip. Luckily a threee man calvary is arriving today. I have briefed the crew on how much happier I am when I have geeks about. I think they are in a surprise.

Our next journey promises to an exceptional one. With our destination being a very famous place where an Aquarian came up with an earth shattering theory. Thats a pretty good clue. But I didn’t say where we were going. Did I?

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