Well after a turbulent last day in the Maldives it was nice to get into an Airplane and get the hell back to New Zealand. Turbulence Dan? surely you are talking about sour weather? Maybe I am but some things are best left unsaid and unread.
Our flight home was a two stage affair. We stopped in Singapore and gorged on Belgium chocolate and free internet. Please add internet to your list of things that go well with chocolate. Singapore airlines did a good job of looking after us and we were soon on the ground in Godzone.

The international terminal has had a facelift since I was here last. It has more capacity and seems a bit smarter. I had forgotten how good looking everybody in New Zealand is. Even the customs dog handlers looked positively radiant.

We had a very special friend pick us up from the Airport. She drove us home very smartly and even offered to stop at a garage so I could get a steak and cheese pie.

New Zealand, it does not get better than this.

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